Bio Logical

Pre-dating the Cork Series, the same problem weighed on my conscience—the hermetic stagnancy of clean computer work. I needed to get my hands dirty again, literally. As fate would have it, this return to finger-paint coincided with my infatuation with a woman; thus, everything had sexual undertones that I decided to exploit at a tongue and cheek level.

The Bio-Logical Series charts different stages of attraction, demonstrating an abstract approach to biology and human emotion.

The primary symbolism deals with prevalence and relevance of Xs and Os. These were chosen and strategically arranged in ‘codes’…

• Context is king: size and placement representative of greater value

• A single X can represent a chromosome (often elongated into a double helix); and not to forget that the XX pairing can indicate female while XY indicates male.

• In love letters, X has come to represent a kiss while O symbolizes a hug [Implicit and explicit based on usage in composition].

• Variations of O: hugs are relatively harmless/benign, but can also symbolize the egg and/or void to fill (vagina); some Os have tails and therefore transform to sperm; O can also be interpreted as orgasm.

• In sport O tends to represent offense and X defense (Game of Love’s strategy, posturing, process of attraction).

• Tic-Tac-Toe: simplicity and irony of such a simple Game of Love

• Instant context: scorecard of relationship (i.e. string of hugs before kiss)

• Treasure Map: X marks the spot

• Overtly sexual: XXX carries a negative connotation, effectively cheapening love

• Cupid’s Contract: sign at the X

• Algebraic Mystery (formula of attraction): solve for X (where X is an unknown)