My work is a reflection of the dichotomous nature of the place I consider home—Louisville, Kentucky—known as the northernmost southern city, and southernmost northern city in the United States.  Here classification is elusive, representing the amalgamation of two separate elements forming a third distinctive one, which perpetually masks and elicits its configuration.

By engaging the world with this ingrained approach and critical eye, it is my aim to bring vibrancy to the gray areas between humor and sincerity, science and spirituality, right and left cerebral hemispheres by exhibiting works that function on several levels, often wildly visual and steeped in the subtext of forced narrative and personal mythology.

While traditional arts have always intrigued me and serve as my foundation, the process of creating and capturing concepts and emotion in moving images is paramount.  The streaming quality and attentiveness of film and video is irresistibly attractive and the natural evolution of my artistic vision.  I am constantly recording daily interactions that command attention and formulating scenarios that would be better experienced through the fluidity of moving images.

In this pursuit of storytelling and creative direction, I find that much of my inspiration derives from science (fiction), nostalgia, comedy, adventure, contradiction, and of course, personal experiences.  My artistic strengths stem from the ability to drive concepts, embrace perspectives, attention to detail, and the proper management of intense passion and imagination.  While my head is in the clouds, my feet are still on the ground.  This approach enables me to function as an effective liaison between imagination and practicality.

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Savannah College of Art and Design / M.A. Film and Television

University of Kentucky / B.S. Economics (Summa Cum Laude)